-future research program-

K.H.Wagner deals with artistic research and enlightenment concerning the bases of a real future. The work proceeds in structures similar to those of a scientific laboratory. Fundamental conception are artistic investigations with a social and cultural relevance. The results are presented on a blue-screen-like ground in real space, on information sheets and in the internet. The developement of society can be influenced by art, which influences, reflects and visualizes structures and processes.

I. Content of the future research program

Forming society by showing the necessity of actions How does the mutual overlap of art and society take place? The artist is a part of society. Simultanously art is a part of it and accordingly has a sphere of activity. Asthetic units and formulations are not limited to theirselves, since they are linked with each other in complex systems. Ideas and visions become concrete. Things that cannot exist yet become reality in mind. In combination with the wishes of optimization and discovery, this power of mind gives science a legitimate autonomy. Connected with economic interests, which are themselves linked to human wishes and ideas, this power becomes reality as a social change. Evolution is a cultural undertow. No longer it is an natural entity, but has its roots in scientific interests. More and more the results of scientific investigations become relevant units of capital and power. Science now has a more important position in social contexts, which themselves are experienced as a many-sided whole, where frontiers tend to disappear. "Even the separation of economic, social and cultural I consider misleading." (Niklas Luhmann)

II Theme of the future research program

Work on the complexity of society and the dynamism of systems For us forming society means forming it culturally. We consider culture the instance, that makes statements on the quality of relationships between humans, as well as between humans and the rest of reality, or on material and mental aspects in general. Concretely this implies everything from the intercourse of humans with natural resources to the culture of methods of visualization. By visualizing the connection of art and society, we would like to point towards certain problems. Today´ssreality seems complicated and the situation has lost its stability...(K.H.Wagner, 1993)

III. Form of the future research program

Adaptions from science - concrete forms for specific topics The increasing social relevance of scientific research accordingly changes the habits of perception. Forms are external phenomenons of internal connections. The form is derived from different scientific disciplines, such as medicin, sociology, education, material analysis, archaeology. Since the concrete form refers to the idea itself, the most suitable form has to be chosen for realization. Even though the artistically assimilated scientific understanding of form has a strong similarity to the appearance of science itself - in K.H.Wagner´s terminology art is pretty similar to science anyway - the whole intention surely is art, not science. Therefore the form of our artistic research, is based on materials, which are usually understood as artistic.

IV. Methodology of the future research program

Communication, modeling, construction, projection, intervention Equal to the form, the methodology refers to a scientific proceeding. In the past, the methodical strategies mentioned were used by K.H.Wagner in different projects. Reflections on society require precise methodical starting points. The work of K.H.Wagner can be described as an overlap between art, science, philosophy and everyday life. (Dr. Klaus Nicolai, 1998)

V. Interface of the future research program

Blue-screen-like blue areas in the rate of three to four on the wall ore on the ground and informational text Technology and electronical media have influenced the visual habits of the present. In the past years, the speed of visual information and new contents have drastically changed the ways of perception. Accordingly new visual forms have to be found. Therefore we developed an advanced level of presentation. Due to digital networks and virtual worlds, real space has lost its importance. The space of the 21st century is a pluralistic conglomeration of information. Ways of viewing are adjusted depending on the changes. Therefore we have reduced space to a blue plane in the rate of three to four. The colour we used is the pure blue of the RGB colour set, that is used on blue screens and can be found on any computer. In the project, the blue screen is symbol for the most relevant borderline of the 21st century, the borderline between the real and the digital world. Today Platon´s cave wall is blue, because the reflection of reality in the virtual world becomes basis of all information. The appearance of artificial intelligence is the most important change in the history of mankind. The importance will be realized as soon as human brain power is beaten by the intelligence of electronical networks. The blue screen - an omen of a future without humans? In the present, the revolutionary improvement of infrastructure is accompanied by sudden economical, scientific and social changes. Would a harmonic stability ensure the future of mankind? Are balance and the rationality of a moderate behaviour relevant bases of a real future? The format of the plane in the rate of three to four and the format of the info sheet represents these thoughts. In a stable frame, we search for facts with future relevance.